Meet the Interactors

Phil Scheulin– Club President

Hi my name’s Phil and I joined interact in 2011. I have an older sister that was in the club before me. Truthfully, I joined Interact because I didn’t want to let my sister do something that I wasn’t. She was having so much fun that I was jealous. Now being part of the club for 6 years I know that joining was the best decision I have ever made. Interact is a club for high school students that want to volunteer more in their community. I have loved the experience so much because I got to know influential people in my community that would help me reach my goal of making Castlegar a better place. My favorite memory would have to be when we got to work with the Castlegar Communities In Bloom team that maintained the flower beds which line the side streets of Castlegar. Driving past them everyday gives me a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I was part of making the place I live in look more beautiful.


Kyle Hadikin– Vice President

Hey, I’m Kyle and this is my second year with the Interact club. When I’m not hiking, playing basketball or, singing in the Vision of Peace Youth Choir, I am helping out in the community with the club. I joined the Interact club for that reason; to help the community in different ways. It feels good to help and clean up our community, also it makes Castlegar a more pleasant place to live. Another thing I wanted to gain from Interact was the leadership skills and good friends that come along with the club. A favourite memory from Interact would be our Verigin’s Tomb garbage pick-up last summer. We ended up picking up two truck loads of garbage, it was a great feeling to clean up the area to better the experience for others.


Sophie Jansen

Hi i’m Sophie! I have been part of the Interact club for four years now. I joined the Interact Club because my sister was part of it before I was old enough and she always had such a great time wherever they were. In 2013 I had the privilege of going with the club to undertake a service project in Bolivia for mentally and physically disabled people. Not only did we create an outdoor recreational centre while there, we also got to see one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Pichu. This would, by far, be my favourite memory with the Interact Club. Alongside Interact I also swim with the Castlegar Aquanauts and won the title of Miss Castlegar in 2014. I will forever cherish the memories and skills that the Interact club has given me. Interact is a club that anyone can be part of and benefit greatly just from the experience.

Tia Malloff

Hi my name’s Tia. When I’m not helping out with Interact events, I work part time at Mitchell’s Supply and am part of the USCC Union of Youth Council. I am also involved in many sports such as field hockey and rugby. I first joined the interact club in the fall of 2011 after hearing from my older peers about how amazing of an experience the club was, and I wasn’t disappointed. The people I’ve met and memories I’ve made are priceless. A favourite memory of mine would be one of the morning garbage pick-ups I did last summer. It was a beautiful morning, filled with laughter and hard work, along with the always shocking discoveries we usually come along. I always enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after the more physical events such as that pick-up.

Alexanderia D’Onofrio

Hi my name is Alex, I enjoy playing sports and being outdoors and have a job at Mallard’s Source for sports. I have been part of the Interact club for 3 years. I joined interact because I was interested in what the club does in the community and it was very popular among my friends. A favorite memory of mine from Interact was when I was the student leader for the Kootenay Festival, it was such a fun event to lead and there were lots of interactors there to make the festival run smoothly.