Day 1 – Blake Edwards

  • Aug 21, 2011


Oh my! Our two year project is finally a reality. We are all filled with excitement, every minute that we get closer to our arrival. Our journey started on August 18th at roughly 4:00am. Interactor’s feelings exhausted from the little sleep, however, as cheerful as usually. A very eventful morning took place: involving smoke detectors, singing and lost passports. We arrive at the airport wearing our colourful green group shirts and carrying our bagged lunches. As we go to check our luggage, we panic, Derek has “misplaced” his passport. We searched the hotel room, his roommates’ suitcases, his suitcases and finally the room again before Derek finds it pinned behind the chair in the hotel. We said our final goodbye before going through security. There were few problems at security except, Derek had a 1L bottle of maple syrup on him and Travis had three bags of toiletries. Waiting for our plane, we met many people who asked us many different questions: such as, Are you guys going to the Price is Right? Finally our planes had arrived and we boarded.  For some it was their first plane ride, so we took extra care of them and provided them with enough barf bags to last the trip.

After roughly three hours, we arrived in Minneapolis. Ashlee forgot her passport and Derek forgot his pillow on the plane. We toured around the terminal and had many people watching us and giving us confused faces.  Hailey, while getting a smoothie in the terminal, thought our plane had left! Fortunately it hadn’t.

Finally our fifteen hour flight had arrived and we were off to Johannesburg. This was a very eventful plane ride.  Before takeoff Blake spilt smoothie all over himself. This flight consisted of unlimited movies, family guy and laughs throughout the trip. Ashlee falling asleep on Padn’s lap, while Nadya, Jessica and Blake snuggling in their row. We were given a jambalaya for supper, a sandwich for a snack and Pizza for our breakfast (which because of the time change was actually also dinner) .  Endless coffee kept some of us going, and those who did sleep, did not sleep comfortably. Many movies and card games later, fifteen hours had past and we began our decent into South Africa.

We met the Rotarians in the arrivals and Israel met her family.  We were then loaded with our entire luggage onto the bus.  As we were on our way to the African Centre, our bus bottomed out multiple times. We were greeted once again by more Rotarians when we arrived. Upon our arrival, instead of going to bed, most of us decided to walk to the mall for an adventure and to burn energy before bed. At the mall, we found that there were many stores similar to Canada. Their mall was massive and on the top of it, there was a garden area for walking. We met some interesting people here that made us seem very gullible. They told us the walls around the houses were for keeping out the lions. On the way out, we went through the revolving door and mastered it this time! We walked back to our home for the next few nights and got ready for bed. For those who did shower, froze their butts off. Everyone got ready for bed, some people more comfortable than others. It was a long journey; however, we made it in one piece and told many people our story along the way.

– Blake

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