Day 14 – A final celebration

August 29, 2013

Today we got to sleep in, but our whole room was strangely up before we were supposed to be.  As usual, we had our breakfast and then headed to Cereco to work for the last time. There wasn’t much work to be done today besides the finishing touches. A few students helped with wheeling loads of concrete while the rest cleaned up around the site. After a couple of hours the monument was completed and everyone gathered excitedly to place their handprints in the cement. The project was officially finished and ready to be revealed to the Cochabamba Rotary Club. We rushed back to the scout hall to wolf down a quick lunch before hurrying back to the worksite. The Rotarians joined us shortly after we returned to take pictures and thank us. They all seemed quite impressed and presented us with a plaque to add to our monument that explained the project and who we are.

This afternoon we had our final cold showers and quiet time for two hours. Everyone got a chance to relax and hang out at the Scout Hall for the last time. We had four hours to kill before our events started for the night. Most of us spent this time organizing our things, packing our suitcases, playing soccer with the kids, and getting ready to go. We then walked over to Cereco for our Canada-Bolivia celebration. We watched five cultural dances from the different areas of Bolivia performed by the students, staff and parents of Cereco. Sergio is one of the individuals helped by Cereco.  He specializes as a clown .  During his performance he sat Sophie in a chair and danced around her. Her embarrassed face was hilarious. We were then fed fried dough and a strange drink made of corn and chocolate. We tried to be polite but for most of us it was hard to get down. We then hopped on a bus and were driven to the Rotary Tunari Hall. We had a Rotary meeting that consisted entirely of thank-yous and presents. We received Rotary Tunari pins and Bolivian passport/money holders. We had dinner and then said goodbye to our new friends from the Interact and Rotaractor clubs. Some people were sad but we knew we would be seeing each other in the coming months. We took the bus back home and tiredly cuddled up into our uncomfortable beds for our last night at the Scout Hall.

Lots of love,

Raissa Chernoff and Jessica Trickey

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