Day 4 – Natasha and Theresa

Our fourth day in beautiful South Africa started much earlier than the past three. We got up at 5:30AM which is when we packed up our suitcases, sleeping bags and pillows. After carrying them out to the bus we enjoyed a breakfast of cereal, toast and Dough Sisters. Once we were done breakfast we said our goodbyes and “Baie Dankies” which means “Thank You” to our wonderful host’s. We then loaded onto the bus and started through Johannesburg to the bus depot.

 When we arrived at the bus depot, we hustled to get all of our things from one bus to the next. While being assisted with some of our mattresses and other luggage, a heated argument erupted near us. The argument was over nothing more than which workers were in the right place in the bus depot. Shortly after that we got out things loaded onto the big City to City bus. After we were all on the bus, we started the six hour bus ride to Louis Trichardt.

 Well on the bus we kept ourselves entertained by sleeping, playing games and watching the scenery change. On our way we only stopped once at a gas station. Even in South Africa there’s always a line-up for the girls washroom. Once we finally reached our destination we loaded all the suitcases and all the Interactors into four trucks. Much to our delight, the Interactors got to climb into the back of the trucks, tailgating through Louis Trichardt was awesome!

Once at the campsite we unloaded and got ready to set up. The first attempt at setting up a tent left Interactors (and Mikey!) struggling for an hour until they finally figured it out. After the first tent we got four other tents together in the same amount of time as the first one. Sometime during the set-up, Brandon realized that he didn’t have one of his bags with him. The bag he lost just happened to be the one with his passport and all of his money!  Luckily, once several of us went up to the hotel to use the power and Wi-Fi, the bag found us at the front desk.

Later we will enjoy a dinner at the Hotel’s restaurant, and after that it’s early to bed so we can be ready for our first day of work tomorrow. Hope everyone’s enjoying Canada and Castlegar!

P.S. To our families we miss you so much! Love you lots! Xoxo

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