Day 6 – Work and play

August 21, 2013

 Today we had our second round at the jobsite. We got up nice and early, had Coco Puffs and Fruit Loops for breakfast, and then made the short trek over to the Concha. Today our focus was creating a level surface for the playground area as well as preparing the space behind the bleachers for concrete. About half way through some of the students at the Center invited us to play some soccer. They were a lot better than us even though they were so much younger! Some of the student’s parents came today and helped us shovel, pick, and wheelbarrow. They were so productive and hard working, and even helped us with our Spanish. We all took lots of breaks and drank lots of water, as it is quite hot here in Bolivia. All of us came back to the scout hall this afternoon both happy and very tired.  

                Later we got to spend some time with the Cochabamba Interact club as well as roughly 10 local Rotarians. We played games and got to know the other kids. They showed us a game called captain on deck, which was somewhat like Simon Says. Then we showed them the ever so popular “Kungfu Panda” which was a big hit. They were very kind and their English was good, so we had no problem making new friends. We got their names for Facebook and gave them ours, so later we will be able to talk to them more. Although at the beginning of the evening while waiting for the Interctors to arrive, many of us just wanted to go to bed and even some were hoping that our company would not show up. However, we were all so happy that we stayed up, met new friends.

                At the end of the day we were all tired and ready for bed. We got a lot done at the jobsite and made lots of friends. We all can’t wait for tomorrow and are excited to see how the Concha turns out.

 – Derek

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