Day 7 – Israel and Raissa

Like every morning, we woke up, got ready and went for breakfast. The taxis arrived just after 7 to drive us to the worksite. Today at the worksite, a lot was completed. We finished all the trenches, leveled the ground for the toilets, got water flowing from the well, organized the books and clothing, and started putting the bags of soil in the gardens. All the groups worked very hard to complete their trenches and helped others to finish theirs. The way we leveled the ground was by taking extra dirt and then flattening it out by having Blake walk on it then checking with a level.

Two men came to hook the pump for the well and then connected the hoses. Everyone was very excited to have running water. All 52 suitcases we packed arrived and Denise, Lorraine, Israel and ladies from the centre organized the books, clothing and toys that will be donated. In the gardens 1000 plants will be planted in a certain type of bag filled with soil. We filled 120 bags into the two mesh green houses we constructed. We took a break for lunch and most of the group traveled to the centre via the taxis where we were happily greeted by many children and centre workers.

 Mikey, Geoff, Alexandra, Heather, Travis and Blake stayed at the worksite to do more work on the toilets. We played for a few hours with the children then went back to the campsite to shower, have quiet time (which we all enjoy) and a braai with the other Interactors and Rotarians. We are all very much enjoying our time in South Africa. The time is flying by with all the fun we’re having. 

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