Day 8 – Chelan Padmoroff & Ashlee Martini

The group awoke this morning at 6:ooam once again with the cold morning temperature greeting us.  We then all went to eat breakfast up at the main house.  Breakfast consisted of fruit, yogurt, cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage, omelets, toast and juice.  After breakfast was done, everyone grabbed their orange lunch bags and we were all ready to go for the day.  We made a special trip to one of the local high schools where we promote and educated the teenagers about Interact.  It was great talking to other teenagers that were interested in starting their own Interact/Rotaract club.  Chelan and Derek spoke about the significance of the Interact club, what it means to them and why others should get involved with it.  Alexandra then spoke about Roteract and her experiences and lastly, Blake talked about RYLA. 

After we left the high school, we were quickly on our way back to the work site.  Today was a very productive day at the site.  The group was able to finish filling the garbage bags with soil for the garden, so that one thousand seeds of spinach could get planted.  While filling up the garbage bags with soil, Chelan and Natasha came across a huge spider in the soil that could have easily been mistaken for a tarantula!  All of the trench digging was completed today and we were also able to put in the water line.  We then had to fill the trenches with soil overtop so that vehicles could drive through the work site.  Great progress was made on finishing laying the bricks for where the toilets will be placed.  After completing a full days worth of work, the group stopped for a lunch break. 

We then got into our buses and drove to the center where we played with the children.  They were so excited to see us again that when we were driving in, they were dancing for us in the front yard.  As we drove in, the children surrounded the bus and were reaching their arms in, so that they could hold our hands.  Everyone got a chance to play with all of the children and was able to see their buddies that they made the previous days.  A soccer game was going on in the field nearby where most of the boys were playing.  Back at the center, most of the high school girls were braiding the Interactors hair.  We played many different games with the children at the center; everything from “The Macarena” and “Ring-around-the-rosy” to clapping games.  The children were then severed supper which consisted of porridge and cabbage.  The time came too quickly when we had to say our goodbyes to the energetic children.  Once we loaded our two buses, the children were sticking their hands through our opened windows to have one last touch before we left.  After we left to pick up Mike, Geoff and Alexandra at the work site, some children remained running after the bus for three minutes.  We then made our way back to the campsite, where we all took our showers and had quiet time for one hour. After dinner, and a full day of work, everyone was VERY ready for bed.  But we were all thankful that the many blisters we had gotten today were all because we were making a lasting difference in the young children’s lives!       

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