Ecuador 2017 Day #13

August 23 

By: Emily 

This morning the sun hit my eyes early, around 6:10. At that time I was ready to get up and start my day. I reluctantly got out of bed, even though I was ready to get up I wasn’t ready for the cold air. I finally got out the tent and went to say hello to the farm’s new puppy, Maple. After saying hi to Maple we had our safety talk and had a yummy breakfast. For breakfast we had breakfast buns with butter and jam, we also got to have some yogurt. There were 2 types of yogurt; blackberry and peach, I only got to try peach but it was amazing. 

It was 8:30 and we were all ready to get to work! We had most people on baroque so we can get as much done as possible and others on weeding. I was on weeding for the morning. Weeding is hard work but to me it’s very satisfying to see once you’ve done a section how much better it looks. It’s also a great way to get to know people. I got to talk with one of the new volunteers, Doreen.   She’s from France so we talked about French movies that I have seen and English ones that she has seen.  After 2 and a half hours of weeding it was snack time. The snack today was an oat cookie and juice or coffee. I had the juice because I always like seeing what fruit they put in it, today it seemed to be a blackberry and raspberry. I really enjoyed it 🙂

Next I got to help with baroque.  The morning team had done a great job by finishing the first wall of the auditorium. First I was on the scaffolding putting baroque on top of the door way. Next I got to help pack baroque on a new wall we started. The baroque got so watery that when we put it in one side, it would pop out the other side. This makes the process go much slower because we are losing all our hard work. We did eventually get the problem fixed. Lunch came around so quickly and we were all starving. We quickly finished the wheelbarrows of baroque we had left and then went to eat. The people in the kitchen today made beans, rice and a salad that had lettuce onion and a sauce on top. Once everyone was finished lunch they went back to work on baroque or weeding. Nearing the end of the day everyone was excited to have a shower and clean off all the dirt, mud and sweat they got from the hard working day. It’s so surprising that we only have 2 and a half more days of work until we are officially tourists and 8 more days in Ecuador. This trip is going by too fast! 

Later tonight me and my buddies were invited back to our host family for a special dinner. Our host mum said she wanted to make a pork dinner and a chocolate cake for dessert. I’m really exited for the dinner but mostly to see my host family again. 

A big hello from Ecuador,