Ecuador day #10

Interact Ecuador 2015

Day 10- August, 29

By: Jill

Day 10 already. It’s crazy how fast this trip is going by. Today we worked at a children’s playground instead of the cancha, due to some plan changes. The Ecuadorians didn’t work today; they also don’t work on Sundays. The playground is by another cancha and some corn fields. We picked up garbage, weeded, and just did some general clean up. The wind in Malchingui is really strong, and the dirt is blowing everywhere. We finished all our work pretty quickly. After work we walked to four corners and got ice cream, thanks Geoff. When I got home there was no water at my house, I used a cloth with water from my water bottle. At 3:00pm we all got on a bus to go to Tupigachi. We had a few Rotarians with us on the bus. One of the Rotarians taught us a Spanish song about baby chickens on the bus. We went to a Festival with a bunch of different communities; there were a lot of people there. It was really cool to see all the people and to hear the music. The dancing was amazing, so was the food. At the festival we all got these delicious desert empanadas, they were deep fried with cheese in the middle and sugar on top. It was a pretty fun day.


Geoff’s note:

Our Interactors are all hard workers and extremely motivated to get as much of our project done as possible prior to us leaving Malchingui. We were very successful for part of the week but over the weekend we have not been able to complete much on the project. This was primarily due to communication and translation problems. The plan we had made with the local Rotarians was work on weekends in order that we could work alongside the locals but “maestro” (job supervisor) ended up being available only during the week.

On Friday when we arrived there was only enough work to get us through the morning. The maestro informed us that he was finished working until Monday. This was because he normally does not work on Saturdays and Sunday is a time that Ecuadorians spend with their Families so our original plan did not fit this timing. He had hired a crew while we were away because he wanted to be able to pour the foundation of the cancha on this coming Monday and was concerned that we would not get everything done. (He has not seen our Interactors in “action” they definitely would have gotten the preparation work done ).

This change of plan did not set us back and the Interactors and Rotarian leaders adapted our work with help from Loli (the local Rotarian organizing for us) who found other areas of need in Malchingui. Our Interactors are working this weekend on a community park helping combat weeds and other work as required. On Tuesday they will be painting at a seniors centre. The concrete truck will be available on Monday when we will be helping with the “cancha” again – building of the courtyard which is our planned project in Malchingui, Ecuador.   The Interact group will be assisting in the pouring of the concrete base which is now scheduled for Monday and once it has been set can continue working on finishing the cancha on Wednesday.

In the evening the locals had the festival of San Pedro (I think). They party all night.   It is almost 7 am and the music is still blasting around Malchingui. We could hear it all night. It revolves around the full moon (which we had) and the commencement of their planting of crops for the next season.   The wind is still howling. It was probably good that we are not working today because this wind blows dust like we are in the Sahara.


Celebration in Tupigachi (celebration in Tupagachi)


Dancers coming down street in Tupigachi (dancers coming down Tupagachi street)

Empanadas being  made in Tupigachi (empanadas being made in Tupagachi)

Cooking chicken, corn (mote) and soup (cooking chicken, corn & soup)

Saturday morning playground maintenance (Saturday playground maintenance)