Ecuador day #11

Interact Ecuador 2015

Day 11- August, 30th

By: Wren

This morning I woke up at five, and laid in bed until it got light enough to read. We’ve all been going to bed pretty early, but also it’s been quite windy which makes for a noisy night, two things causing me to wake up quite early. My house still doesn’t have water, but I think the other families do (so only Tara and Barbara need to worry). For breakfast Jill and I had a bun from a local bakery, queso fresco and a pineapple/jello hot drink which I think is pretty common here. After breakfast we hungout with the boys in our house, Juan Pablo (13) and Erik (9), we play mostly card games like go fish and 21/31 and some clapping games.

At 10:00 am everyone met at quatro esquinas to go for a tourist day at a park close to Malchingui. The park (Jerusalem) had a pool, some soccer fields, a tractor ride, horse rides (not available today), some trails and a restaurant. The Interactors spent the majority of the day at the pool facility, we played in the pool, with the soccer ball Ali brought, tanned and talked mostly. Around 1:30 we started looking for the tractor rides because the horse rides were closed (probably to blame on my Karma, sorry guys). However, when we finally found the tractor rides the line was about 12 miles long and we all decided to go for lunch instead. Lunch was at the park’s restaurant and people drank water, coke or lemonade and ate lasagna, salad, soup, fries, chicken, beef or pork. It was nice to mix up the lunch food, and nice to spend the time with the group. After lunch we were offered a special tractor tour, so without hesitation we accepted. The tour took us around the park and then we got out and went for the walking portion, we made our way up to the top of a little hill where we found that we were on the equator! With one foot in the southern hemisphere and one in the northern we learned about the plants of the park, the values of the park and posed for lots of pictures. On the way back to the starting point we stopped at a gashui tree, supposedly if you close your eyes and put your hands on it you absorb some of its good fortune (I soaked up as much as possible, in hopes that the water will return to my house). The tour guide was very excited to have such a large group of gringos and I’m pretty sure we got special treatment. To get back to Malchingui we all piled into the backs of pickup trucks and settled down for the fifteen minute ride.

When back in Malchingui the Interactors hungout and napped, and rested up for the next few days of work. We are all hoping to be able to work really hard in the next few days and tomorrow we start at seven so that’s a good start. Upon returning to my host families we hungout, read, journalled and played with the boys until dinner. Dinner was boiled potatoes, lots of rice and chicken with a cilantro-y sauce. All staples in the Ecuadorian diet.

It is hard to believe that in a week this time we will all be at home in Castlegar! This trip is flying by and it’s impossible to think that is already day 11.


See ya soon,


Jerusalem Observation Park 1 (Jerusalem Observation Park)

Jerusalem Park Swimming Break (Jerusalem Park swimming break)

Jerusalem Protected Forests (Jerusalem Protected Forest)

Cactus in Jerusalem Protected Area (Cactus in Jerusalem Protected area)

Panarama at Jerusalem Park (view at Jerusalem Park)