Ecuador day #13

Interact Ecuador 2015

Day 13- September, 1st

By: Kyle

Today was an early morning for all of us. We all woke up at various times in order to be at the job sites by seven. Stan and Noah went back to the Cancha to build the base for the plaque (recognizing Interact and Rotary building the cancha) and cleaned up materials around the site. The rest of us went to the seniors’ centers to finish painting the walls. We all split into four groups. One group finished painting half the centre Durazno (light orange) while the second group painted the other half Mandarina (darker orange). Alex and I were the third group who finished painting the ceiling white. Wren, Jill, and Tia began painting the mural. By nine-thirty, we had the first coat of paint on. At this time half the group went to a second seniors’ centre to paint. Eric, Svetlana, Alex, and I had to sand the walls before we could start painting. The painting went fairly quickly. We had one coat on the side and back walls and two coats of paint on the front wall before lunch. It was difficult to know where we painted at times because we were painting white over white walls. By one o’clock, everyone was picked up from different areas and driven to a third seniors’ center for lunch. Once again we had a very tasty meal that consisted of chicken, rice, and cabbage. Since all the painting was done at the first senior’s centre and all the clean up was done at the Cancha, only nine of us went back to the second seniors’ center to paint. Eric and I finished two second coats on the front and back, Phil and Svet did all of the trimming, and Jill, Tia, and Wren made a different mural at the center. Stan and Geoff did an excellent job supervising. At first we were all very civil, painting the walls. That suddenly changed as we all focused more on painting each other and less on the task on hand. It was quite a war! We all had paint all over our hands, legs, clothes, and some of us had some paint in our hair. The finished product of the building looked a lot better than before. The mural really spruced up the inside. Our bodies, on the other hand, looked like they needed half-hour showers. By four o’clock we had a taxi that drove us home. I took a well needed shower, did laundry, and ate dinner at Geoff’s and Stan’s. Noah and I would have eaten at our house, but Myrian (our host mom) was getting an appendicitis surgery in Quito. For dinner, her sister Maria made rice, lentils, chicken and fresh squeezed orange juice. It was very good. Noah and I had plans to meet the rest of the club at Four Corners at four-thirty, but didn’t end up meeting them until five-thirtyish at the church. Everyone went into various stores and bought different snacks and drinks. On our way back to our homes, we stopped at one of the soccer fields and watched some locals play basketball. At around six-thirty we all said goodnight and returned home. We are all finding it hard to believe that there is only five days left until we return home. As much as we all want to stay in Ecuador, we are all excited to return home to our families, Canadian food and culture, as well as to our own beds. See you all in five days!


Cactus Farm for Prickly Pear (cactus farm for prickly pear)

Ciudad Malchingui on the hillside above the seniors centre (Ciudad Malchingui on the hillside above  senior’s centre)


Finishing touches on the cancha (finishing touches on the cancha)

Interactors working on a mural for the Seniors Centre (working on a mural for Senior’s Centre)

Mural in the Seniors Centre (mural in the Senior’s Centre)

Pablo - one of the many family dogs (Pablo – one of the many family dogs)

Painting the high spots (painting the high spots)

Sanding the walls of the seniors centre (sanding the walls of the Senior’s Centre)

Scorpion on the freshly poured cement (scorpion on freshly poured cement)