Ecuador day #15

Interact Ecuador 2015

Day 15 – September, 3rd

By: Tia

We started today at the crack of dawn, no, earlier than that. Awake at the approximate time of 5:30 am, we sleepily finished our last minute packing, had our last breakfasts with our Malchingui families, said our hard goodbyes and went to Quatros Esquinas to meet Roger and the bus that was taking us back to Quito. Sophie and I were late as usual due to some miscommunications of time.

Then we were off. Malchingui was no longer a place we called home, but a place of fond memories and warmhearted people. We reached Quito in approximately 2 hours after being caught in some brutal traffic. We then greeted the Savoy Inn with much joy as most of us were going for the long anticipated hot showers that were few and far in between since we left Quito. At 10 am, the freshly showered group piled into the bus and headed further into Quito where we would meet the double-decker bus that would take us around Quito.

Once there, we were greeted with a 45 minute wait, if you didn’t know yet, the sun here is intense. We were already burnt from yesterday so we quickly loaded on the sunscreen knowing that this was going to be a long, hot day. Once on the bus, we all climbed to the open topped level of the bus and anticipated the city. Quito is crazy and beautiful. We saw sights of beautiful museums, gothic churches, and crazy road rage. The drivers here have no fear. Big bus or small car, everyone was cutting everyone off. When we weren’t in awe from the beautiful, old architecture, we were in awe of the bravery of some of these drivers. Our first stop was the 40m statue of the Angel of the Apocalypse. Not only was she beautiful, but the view from the observation deck was something else. You could see the intricate churches, the colourful houses and, of course, the crazy traffic patterns. It was almost time to go, so Wren and I quickly bought some fanny packs for our tacky tourist ensembles, and then we were off. Next stop, the long awaited lunch. Once there, we had a special Ecuadorian drink, a delicious beef and rice empanada, then a main course of chicken, an over easy egg and potato and cheese patties. We then made our way to one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. From the outside, all we saw was stone, but once inside we were all dazzled by all of the gold. The church, which took around 160 years to construct, was a masterpiece of gold leaf, intricate cravings, and beautiful paintings. I can honestly say that I have never been so in awe. We then were off to our final stop, Mae’s (a Rotarian that has spent much time with us) art gallery. I don’t know what we were expecting but I think we were all blown away by the talent that Mae has. Her variation in paint and drawing styles was very impressive and stunning. We were lucky enough to get a quick art lesson from her, and then a couple of us got 4 minute portraits. I then was voluntold to draw a portrait too. We then said our goodbyes and were on our way to the Savoy Inn. Dinner was something that we were all very ready for, especially me. I was also the one who got her dinner once everyone else was ready to leave. It was well worth the wait though, shrimp in garlic sauce and fries made my night.


It’s been a long day, goodnight everyone and see you soon!


  • Tia


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