Ecuador day #16

Interact Ecuador 2015

Day 16- September, 4th

By: Noah

Today we all woke up at the Savoy Inn, had breakfast that was buns with jam and fruit and eggs (if you wanted them). We all were ready in the lobby at 8:50 am to catch the bus at 9:00. Roger then drove us to the Papallacta hot springs. It took about an hour and a half to get there and everyone was singing the whole way and taking pictures of the trees and the mountains. We got to Papallacta (the ecological resort) and there were hot springs and paths through the trees. We all got out of the bus at 10:35 and got our tickets that cost US $8.50. Most of us got changed and went into the hot springs right away but Geoff, Stan, Phil and Svet went on the hike that was 4 km long. I think the hot springs was what everyone needed because it was so relaxing and there were a bunch of different pools, all of them different temperatures. We went for lunch at different times. The first group went at noon and Sophie, Eric, Wren, Ali, Tia, Sierra and I went on the hike at 12:30. The hike was really cool – we had to duck under trees and cross rushing water. We stopped at the top and sat on one of the bridges and had a snack with the water rushing 3 feet under us. On the way down we took some old trails that were closer to the water so we could get better pictures. The forest was really green and it was really nice to not be breathing in dust like we were in Malchingui every day. We got back to the hot springs at 1:40 and went for lunch. It was really nice to have something that wasn’t chicken because we have been having chicken for every meal for the last 14 days. After lunch we went back into the hot springs and went into the really cold pool. The ice cold dunk felt really good. We met some people from the States that were 19-21 years old and found out that they were going to college for a semester in Quito and studying agriculture. We got out of the hot springs at 3:40, got changed, got on the bus and left at 4. Everyone was tired so there wasn’t as much singing and we all listened to our own music or slept. We got back to the hotel at 5:45 and went for dinner at 6:30. We waited for 1 hour and 7 minutes to get our food… We all hung out in each others’ rooms for a while before bed and went to sleep at 11.

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