Ecuador day #17

Interact Ecuador 2015

Day 17- September 5th

By: Alex


This morning we got up, had breakfast and met in the hotel lobby at 10. Our first stop today was at a crater of a volcano that is semi active. It was kind of interesting because people live right in the bottom of the crater. Apparently it is good soil for farming. Next stop was the Equator. We learnt about the indigenous groups that live in Ecuador and learnt about the Amazon rain forest. We got to do some activities right on the equator line. One showed how water drains different directions on and beside the equator. Then we all took turns trying to stand an egg on a nail head. It is a lot easier to do right on the line. If you could stand the egg up you got a certificate. We also tried to walk in a straight line on the equator. It is really weird because it’s a lot harder to balance. After the tour we went to another museum to have lunch and it is also the place where they thought the equator was. They thought it was the equator around the 1920s because they didn’t have the sophisticated instruments that we have now. Considering the instruments they were using its pretty amazing that that they were only off by 500 meters. For lunch Geoff gave each buddy group $20. We split into smaller groups and went our own ways for a while. After lunch we went and looked through some shops then met up at 1:30 to go see the planetarium. It was all in Spanish so it was hard to understand. After that we got a group picture on the fake equator line and everyone went up a monument on the “equator” line. Inside the monument there were little museums on each floor. By this time it was only 2:30 and we were scheduled to leave around 4 so everyone went shopping in the little shops around the museum. All the shops generally had the same stuff for sale but each shop was still a little different. At 4 we all met Roger (our bus driver) at the bus and headed to meet Loli and Jose for dinner. We ended up being an hour early to dinner so we all went for a walk around town. Sierra and I went exploring alone. We saw a soccer game and some cool old run-down houses. Dinner was amazing, and the restaurant was gorgeous! It had a view over Quito, we could see all the churches lit up and the Angel of Apocalypse from our table. We all had steak and prawns except for Tia who had what looked like chicken sushi. We all got dessert as well. Dessert was a little piece of cake, a little scoop of ice cream and some cheese with something really bitter. The whole group got certificates of appreciation for coming to Ecuador and building the cancha. Then we got pictures and said our goodbyes to everyone and headed to the airport. Our first flight leaves around 11:25 pm to Atlanta. Then we have 2 more flights, Atlanta to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City to Spokane. Then home! Everyone’s a little sad to go back to real life, but I think we are all ready to go home and have a good, long sleep in our own beds.


Standing on the Old Equator Location (standing on the old Equator location)

IMG_2232(farming community in the crater of a semi dormant volcano)


IMG_2231 (standing on the true Equator line)