Ecuador day #9

Interact Ecuador 2015

Day 9 – August, 28

By: Eric

No one can believe that we are already half way through our trip. Wow. It’s gone by too fast. Yesterday we all met at the Cancha at 9 am to start our day of work. It is interesting how even though the girls in our group prove themselves as just as capable of doing work, the workers still want boys to do the work. The workers were definitely proven wrong again today from the hard work throughout the entire group. We untangled very long and heavy cables which took about an hour and a half out of our day already. During that process, the rest of the group was busy tying chicken wire to keep the tension cables and rebar secure for the upcoming cement pour. It was very windy so there was a lot of dust flying everywhere. I think about 5 people now have lost or broken their sunglasses, including me, so it was difficult to see at times. Speaking of breaking things, there was a little accident in Phil and I’s host home yesterday that was not mentioned in the blog. There I was, minding my own business in my room while Phil was in the bathroom washing his feet when I hear a very loud CRASH!! I automatically assume that Ana (our host mom) must’ve dropped a plate or a bowl. Until I see Phil walk out of the bathroom, white as a ghost and shaking uncontrollably. I make my way into the bathroom to find a smashed sink in about 10,000 pieces. Phil had accidentally leaned on the sink and it had fallen right off of its hooks onto the floor. Phil felt very bad and offered to pay for the new sink but Ana and Victor were more worried about Phil’s well being than a sinks. By the next day our family had a new sink and everything was ok. (and we have confirmed with the Rotarians that we will pay for the replacement sink through them).


We worked so fast in the morning on the Cancha that we didn’t have any more work in the afternoon so we had free time. We ended up spending that time as a group after we all went to “Miss Malchingui” ’s house for a delicious and traditional lunch. We decided that we would spend our free time in a little park near the church. We talked and played games for a while and got some ice cream from the shops. We all decided it would be a good idea to go and get some pizza as a group at a local parlor. We waited about an hour for it to be ready and then dug in. 3 large pizzas at 2 pieces each fed our group of 12 and for only 2 dollars each for a total of 24 dollars.


After our delicious pizza we all took a taxi down to Four Corners and dispersed for the night. Tomorrow we have a free day but we think we may help clean a local playground and in the late afternoon travel to Tupagachi (to see an Andean celebration). Everyone loves the trip so far and it’s only going to get better. I can’t wait to see what else Ecuador has to throw at us. We have some exciting days coming up so make sure you stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts.


Dust bowl (dust bowl)

Ali shovelling ( Ali shovelling the dirt)

Tia in the midst of  tangled rebar cable (Tia in the midst of tangled rebar cable)

Jillian tying rebar with wire (Jillian tying rebar with wire)

Miss Malchingui hosted us for lunch at her Family Restaurant (Miss Malchingui hosted group for lunch)

Last preparation for Monday's large pour (last preparation before Monday’s pour)