Bolivia 2009

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Journals of our Bolivian Adventure

Meet the Interactors


We’re off to BOLIVIA!!

The Interact club members are again off to Bolivia on 20 August.  The Castlegar Interact Club has previously completed three major International Service Projects in Honduras in 2003 and again in 2005 and in  2007 we went to Cochabamba, Bolivia.  The Rotary Interact club has been working hard and fundraising through out the community. From gardening and picking up garbage to working at dinners and children’s Fairs… we have done it all.

Our club members will be staying at an Orphanage in Bolivia at Amistad that houses 42 boys and girls ranging from age 2 to 15. The group has raised over $45,000 and we will be putting the money towards such tasks as building a garden and developing other facilities so they can produce their own food. We will also be testing our skill at gardening and construction. The group is excited to work hard and know that this experience will be amazing. We look forward to meeting the locals and helping in anyway we can. We are greatly appreciative for all the support we have received from our community.

Please notify us upon our return if you would like us to make a presentation on this Trip by emailing our Interact President, Megan Bursey,


 Thank you Mrs. Nuyens!!!

Mrs. Nuyens has been our teacher sponsor at Stanley Humphries over the years and this fall the Interactors want to show their appreciation for her gratiude and her help. The Interact President Chelan Padmoroff, and some of the Interact Club Members presented Mrs.Nuyens with a little token of our thanks for her support!