Day 2 – Traveling by plane round 2

August 17, 2013

We arrived bright and early in Miami after our red-eye flight from Seattle. We had 8 hours to kill in Miami airport before our next flight later that day. It seemed as though everyone dispersed very quickly to find some breakfast! After people had filled up we all chose different activities to help the layover pass more quickly. Some people decided to go do a little bit of shopping while others just wanted to explore the airport and be able to move around. However a large group of us decided that sleep would be the best thing for us, so we set up camp on the airport floor, literally. Derek used quilts, blankets and suitcases to build a little tent! But it was short lived as people needed to get into their suitcases. The layover passed relatively quickly between sleeping, exploring and trying to complete Geoff’s Scavenger Hunt through the Miami airport. The Scavenger Hunt included a list of several random things that we had to find and take pictures of. Each group did a great job and enjoyed the prize at the end…Chocolate for everyone!

We finally departed from Miami at about 2:30pm on our last flight for the day. We flew from Miami to La Paz, Bolivia where we stopped for about an hour to let passengers off, let others on, and refuel the plane. After our short pit-stop we flew to Santa Cruz.
Then came the difficult part, getting 46 suitcases, 23 carry-on’s, 23 quilts, and 23 very tired people through customs and loaded onto two tiny buses. But with some cooperation we successfully made it to our hotel by 1:30am.

– Israel Millar

(No photos from today! I guess they were too busy travelling)

Day 1 – Travelling by plane

August 16, 2013

It was bittersweet leaving home today. There was excitement for Bolivia but we didn’t want to say goodbye to our beds, houses, showers, fridges, pets, friends and family. We arrived at the Spokane airport with our quilts, two suitcases filled with donated clothing (thank-you to all those that donated) for the people of Bolivia.  We also had our carry-on luggage which was packed so full we had to get our siblings to sit on them so that they would close. We got our tickets, took a group picture with all forty-something suitcases and said our last goodbye to our loved ones. There were some tears but we all knew that we would have no time to miss them with all the fun we would be having. We breezed through security and started our adventure of a lifetime.

The plane ride to Seattle was short and sweet. We mostly chatted and played cards for the hour that we were on the flight. Before we knew it we were in Seattle! We had a two hour layover which gave us time to eat and make sure we were prepared for the next six hour flight to Miami. Unfortunately it was already dark, but looking out across the changing landscape of America was still cool. You could see little glowing patches across the horizon, and you would wonder which city it was below and who was living in it. Some of us succeeded in sleeping but most people were awake the majority of the flight. Excitement built when we peeked out the window and saw on one side of the plane, the rising sunset, and on the other, the lights of Miami. It was finally hitting us that we weren’t in Canada anymore. Our blue t-shirt prompted lots of questions from travelers and we were happy to share information about our project. All in all it has been a wonderful start to the trip and we are very excited to start our project and begin helping people in need!

Lots of love, 

Raissa Chernoff and Jessica Trickey

Day 1 - Traveling by plane

Day 1 – Traveling by plane

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